Leaving the camera at home

The big camera, that is.  I took a trip to Philadelphia last week, and since I was there for my day job and didn’t want to carry my SLR around all week, I decided to seize the opportunity to document the trip in another way.  I know I’m just about the last smartphone owner to get on Instagram, but I’m having fun using it: for starters, it’s quick and easy.  It also challenges me to look at things in a different way, from the limitations of an iPhone camera to the fact that everything is going to get cropped to a square.  Without further ado, here are some of my favorite photos from the trip.

Historic Philadelphia: most of the buildings look like this.

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There was a delightful number of scenes like these:

There's "Ben Franklin vintage," and then there's this.

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Her name is Stella.

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The ceiling of the oldest Catholic church in Philly:

The ceiling of Old St. Joseph's. Not a plate.

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I had to visit the standard tourist sites too, of course:

I guess I thought it'd be bigger.

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Finally, a beautiful sunrise for my last morning in the city:

Last morning here, and a lovely sunrise.

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